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Bobby Luterson

Hello everyone and welcome to my humble little website. I'm like Obelix, I fell into computer security since childhood. Since my youngest age, I love the technology and the innovations it builds.

My first hack was to install a chip on my Xbox 360 that it remembers to have all the games available and free, then I became passionate about computers and by wanting to help my friends and family on their sites, I discovered a passion for computer security and computer security.


My passions:

Computer science, which is my "i love" job. I love history especially the Inca civilizations and the Middle Ages in the United Kingdom. I like to move with my friends, I love to go out in els meeting and conference on Hacking especially the Defcon.


At the beginning I always wanted to defend the rights of people on the internet with the laws that the governments introduce and that hurt our private life, since my youngest age I read the book 1984 Big brother. I'm against mass surveillance invading people's privacy.

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